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Things changed for the better once they started using Zilchbox. 9 out of 10 Zilchbox customers report having more free time, 8 out of 10 say they got rid of the fear of missing an important email, and 6 out of 10 enjoy having more sales appointments.


"I got the most value mentally because it allowed me to spend that time on other things."


"I don't have that fear of not answering fast enough. I know it's being handled."


"What I do now is just look at my emails and if it's something there it's because it's something that actually needs my attention."


"Email is not where I make money. If we let it we could answer emails all day long."


"With Zilchbox, I'm actually being able to stay on top of emails that come in."

"Once Zilchbox came into my world the change was immediate and it was a huge weight off my shoulders."


"Working with Zilchbox allowed me to step away from the constant fear of not responding quick enough."


"Now I'm going to my kids sporting events and not having my phone in front of my face."


"What Zilchbox was able to offer me was complete coverage from an email administrative standpoint."


"Where exactly I got the most value is time management. Without a question."

"The sanity Zilchbox gave me back by not being glued to my phone is huge!"


"The way Zilchbox takes care of my inbox allows me to only look at my emails once a day."


"Zilchbox made it possible for me to have a personal life and run a successful busy business."


"With Zilchbox I've been able to put more focus on my personal life and be able to separate the two."


"The thousands of emails that you guys have handled without question there we handled better than I would have done and quicker."